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The factory in South Korea was established in 2008, with active expansion into LED Technologies business from 2009, with 31 years of experience in display technologies, including 17 years in LED applications, providing residents with control of Care providing security, energy saving and comfort through the intelligent LED lighting system for roads, LED lighting, HIGH RANGE ELECTRONIC SECURITY , WIFI.  In addition, our founder and CTO collaborates with government institutions  for R&D for smart cities with cutting-edge technologies.

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Factory Founder and CTO


Successful entrepreneur and business leader whose previous experiences include:

Newton Technologies, CEO & President

Sigong Tech Corporation, Founder

Korea Business Investment Promotion Agency

Track recording done on visual/display/LED including:


   1. Media and broadcasting


(Audio, Video, Communication and Computer)

'87 Video production of OMNIMAX astronomical observation

'88 Seoul Olympic; Technical director for the evening ceremony for and production of IMAX and 35mm film

'88 Chief Director of Planning and Operation of Laser Shows at the Seoul Olympic

'93 Chief Director of the Festival of Lights at EXP Science Park

'96 Education and Culture Multimedia producing for Blue House in Korea

'98 Chief Director of Laser Show at Hanam City Environmental EXPO

'98 Chief Director of Bangkok Asia Game Opening and Closing Ceremony

'94 Daegu SBS Broadcasting Company setup by Turn-Key et al.

   2. Development of Expos and Theme Parks

'84 Project Manager for the Korean Pavilion in New Orleans EXPE
'85 Video planning and production for Korean pavilion at Tsukuba EXPO
'86 Video planning and production for the Korean Pavilion at Vancouver EXPO
'88 Planning for the 2nd Public Advertising Office at the Seoul Olympic

   3. LED Lights and Display

'94 Master Planning and Operation of DaeJeon Science Park Landscape Lighting
'98 Master Planning and operating of Bangkok city landscape lighting

'05 Architectural LED production and installation at Seneca Hotel Casino, Niagara Fall, Buffalo USA ( by Newton    technology Inc. )
'04 Planning and installation of the LED screen in Time Square in New York
'04 Planning and production of digital multimedia screen in Las Vegas
(the largest LED display (420M-32M) in the Guinness-World Record)
Lighting design and installationInsideat ANA Hotel and Hyatt Aoyoma in Japan
Design and installation of interior lighting in Japanese restaurants in Japan
Design and installation of interior lighting in Japanese restaurants in Japan
Design and installation of interior lighting in the design of the Japanese subway
'06 Production and installation of the architectural LED screen at Magna Entertainment Group Gulfstream Racetrack, Miami.
'06 Production and installation of the largest LED screen at Chicago O'Hare International Airport.
'06-'09 : Development of LED lighting (16 elements including T8, LED bulb, street light, factory light)
LED lighting from 10 to 13: Export to Japanese famous companies ( Marubeni, Shodenshia, Furukawa, NTT, Mithzubishi Heavy Ind. )







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